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The Substance Use Disorders Program

The Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Program at AUBMC was established in 2014 upon receiving a generous gift from the Dr. Agnes Varis Trust. In addition to treating substance use disorders at the Department of Psychiatry, AUBMC, the program also supports training, development and research. The mission of the program is to:

•treat, prevent, and educate individuals about substance use disorders (SUD).
•provide holistic, professional, and personalized care for SUD in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.
•conduct innovative clinical scientific research that will ultimately benefit our patients.

The specific services offered by the program are Psychiatric Evaluation and Assessment, Alcohol and Drug Testing, Individual Therapy Sessions, Family Sessions, Couple Sessions, Group Therapy Sessions and Psychiatric Treatment and Medication Management.

Meet our Team

Dr. Farid Talih
Program Director​
Pascale E. Nakhle
Mona Chebaro
​Naji Khatib
Registered Nurse

The psychiatrist, psychologist, addiction counselor and psychiatric nurse work in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry (hospital-based services) to provide hospital-based detoxification from drugs or alcohol if needed prior to enrolling in the program.

Our services include:
•An individual initial assessment which analyzes the case at hand and recommends the appropriate treatment.
•An outpatient intensive psychological-based individual and group therapy

Two individual therapy sessions/week over 8 weeks
Two group therapy sessions/week over 8 weeks
The basic program extends over a period of 8 weeks, which can be prolonged if needed.
Financial assistance can be provided after a financial assessment is done by the social worker.

The Substance Use Disorders Program is located in the Department of Psychiatry, ACC 4th floor. To schedule an appointment, please call: 01 – 759620