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Message from the Medical Center Director and CMO

Over the past few months and since I assumed the role of the Medical Center Director and Chief Medical Officer, I have contemplated on how to align the medical, clinical, and operational priorities with the established vision and mission of our institution. Although this has been a challenge given the complexity of healthcare in our organization and the multitude of processes inherent in its functions, I have taken to task many initiatives and also engaged in pursuing others which have been rolled on by my predecessor Dr. Adnan Taher.

It is my intention to continue leading the necessary cultural change and spearhead our colleagues’ acceptance of transparent performance improvement metrics and of working in partnership with our constituencies, including all departments, services, leadership, and staff. Alignment and integration will continue to be our driving force in reaching our goals and our 2020 Vision. Investment in current medical leadership and nurturing future leaders and managers is yet another indispensable ingredient to ensure sustainable quality care amidst a competitive environment.

With the imminent acquisition of EPIC, it is essential to establish effective communication and alliance with the Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Ghassan Hamadeh and the AUBHealth team to identify the necessary resources and institute the proper medical informatics which will be critically important in our clinical operations. We have been striving to enhance our documentation within patient medical records, but one must be optimistic that such procurement will ultimately eliminate such an issue and will culminate in an effective Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Patient-centered care is yet another strategic initiative - mandated by the Executive Vice President for Medicine and Global Strategy and the Raja N. Khuri Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Mohamed H. Sayegh - that will be our top priority over the coming months in line with the implementation of the Patient Experience Project (PEP). A working group has been established to advance and promote the coordination and progression of care in a holistic environment with optimal and maximal utilization of resources across the Medical Center.

The commissioning of the new Halim and Aida Daniele Academic and Clinical Center (ACC) will also be a major challenge with respect to resources and implementation of workflow, processes, and procedures.

These are but a few of the strategic projects that we intend to do together. The journey is no longer a luxury but a ​necessity for our future success. All of us should actively participate in these projects to realize our strategic vision and move forward in a sustainable and cumulative manner.

Dr. Hassan El Solh
Medical Center Director and Chief Medical Officer

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