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Our Services
  • Health Check up 
In a one-stop personal care, you can:
- Measure your health score by our health assessment questionnaire 
- Do your annual screening exam and early cancer screening tests 
- Update your vaccinations and those of your children 
- Receive tips for healthy living

  • Women Health​
Including prenatal, postnatal care, in addition to normal deliveries

  • Family Planning and Advice 
on different contraceptive methods, including intrauterine device insertion

  • Chronic Disease Management
We provide comprehensive medical care for several chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, and dyslipidemia, etc.) including:
- Annual physical exam
- Medications reconciliation
- Self-management education
- Nutrition counseling

  • Travel Health
For healthy holidays and safe business trips, we offer:
- Travel- specific vaccines
- Updates of routine vaccines
- Travel advice to tropical and high risk areas

  • Smoking Cessation Program
Individual and group packages are available and include:
- Eight sessions of behavioral counseling 
- Three medical consultations with a physician
- Three consultations with dietitians
- One year follow up  (by phone)

  • Youth Clinic
The Youth Clinic provides confidential healthcare services tailored to meet the students and youth needs.
It is a place where you can discuss with a healthcare provider the health issues that are of major importance or concern to you.

  • Home Health Program
The program arranges for home visits to patients who have disabilities which prevent them from visiting our clinics. The visits include comprehensive health assessment and ongoing medical care.

  • Employee Health
We provide corporate medical clearance and pre-participation fitness services which can be tailored to corporate needs (expatriates, airline pilots, engineers, etc.). In addition to handling occupational problems, we offer several services related to the management of exposure and follow up on occupational accidents, update of employee immunizations, and regular follow up.

  • Cardiac Screening program for athletes
The Hicham El Hage Program for Young Hearts and Athletes Health (Champs Fund) operates through our clinics to provide:
- Comprehensive sports clinical examinations
- Electrocardiogram

  • Western Medical Acupuncture
We provide acupuncture services which are one of the safest, most effective pain treatments using the most evidence-based integrative medicine modality. Refer to the "Western medical acupuncture clinic brochure" available in the clinic.

  • Minor surgery
including circumcision, sebaceous cysts and lipomas removal, ingrown toe nail removal, intra-articular injections, suturing of wounds, incision and drainage of abscess.

  • ​Life Coaching
We provide life coaching services which utilize various effective tools and techniques to help you connect to your true self, find purpose and deal with everyday stress. Life coaching paves your way to achieving your goals and shows you how to provide better customer service and create a positive work environment.