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Research Grants
  1. Joumana Antoun: April 2017-March 2019. (Co-PI). Analyzing and improving the usability of electronic medical records using eye tracking techniques. AUB-Provost office Collaborative research strategy. 28800$.

  2. Mona Osman: Principal Investigator on a research project entitled “Understanding and Addressing the Determinants of Antimicrobial Medicines Abuse in Lebanon” – with WHO grant 201731858- (2017-Present).

  3. Mona Osman: ​Co-Principal Investigator on a research project entitled “Informal Provision of Health Services among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon” – with CRS-AUB grant- 103322- (2017-Present).

  4. Joumana Antoun: July 2017-June 2018. (PI). Effect of Balint seminars on emotional intelligence and burnout among medical residents. Center for teaching and learning at AUB. 3000$.

  5. Joumana Antoun: June 2016-June 2017. (Co-PI). Users' acceptance of electronic patient portal for self-management of diabetes and chornic blood pressure at the family medicine clinics at AUB. AUBMC_MPP. $11,300.​

  6. ​​​Joumana Antoun: June-2014-June 2015. (PI).  Specific communication skills among residents in the context of computer use during the encounter: training module and assessment tool. AUB. AUBMC-MPP. $10,000.