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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)

Project Construction Unit

​About Us
​The Project Construction Unit (PCU) was established in 2011 to focus on renovation projects within AUBMC operational buildings. We contribute to the implementation of safe and efficient work and support the improvement of the available infrastructure.  This focus resulted in an accomplishment rate which has been steadily increasing by 5% yearly​.  

Mission Statement
The mission of PCU is to deliver to the end user a construction project of high quality, introducing technological advances that conform to international standards and norms. We aim to apply the necessary planning techniques that help in organizing and controlling resources effectively and efficiently in the construction and built environment. 

PCU exerts every effort to balance between the interruptions to operations and the smooth execution of works. PCU designs, plans, and executes small to medium size projects for the medical center. The unit’s scope includes discussions with the end user(s) in order to determine the requirements, develop layouts, get approvals from all governing bodies, set timeline and budget, get prioritization from the administration, execute the assigned jobs, and hand over to end users and PEMC is Plant Engineering Medical Center (PEMC). 

The projects handled include heavy coordination with various staff in order to minimize the impact of the works on the ongoing operations and deem the execution effective.

To achieve its goal, PCU works as a team to collectively provide the right outcomes by stressing on open communication and flat hierarchy while focusing on results. PCU collaborates with its fellow departments and units in order to devise methods of creating lean production of deliverables. The projects are turn-key where the scope includes construction works with a stress on overall presentation, furniture, IT, and medical equipment. We ultimately coordinate between service providers to present the end user with the right outcome in a timely manner.

Meet our team in Dale Home bldg., ground floor, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

​​Name ​Position ​Location ​Email ​Extension
​Ali Saadeh ​Engineer Project Manager ​DH, GF
Room 21
as118@aub.edu.lb ​6585
Ziad Chamseddine​ ​Construction Manager ​DH, GF
Room 26
zc02@aub.edu.lb ​6583
​Sami Rabah ​Interior Architect ​DH, GF
Room 23
​sr31@aub.edu.lb ​6556
​Johad Al Bitar ​Construction Foreman ​Phase II, SB
Room: SB102A
​je23@aub.edu.lb ​6535
​Mohammad Badran ​Electro-mechanical Foreman ​Phase I, SB
Room: SB31
mb43@aub.edu.lb ​6531
​Alexa Bou Akl ​AUTOCAD Operator ​DH, GF
Room 24
​ab60@aub.edu.lb ​6586
​Jessica Abi Najem ​Administrative Assistant ​DH, GF
Room 22​
ja67@aub.edu.lb​ ​6585


  • BraveHeart Fund - Children Heart Center


Waiting Area
  • ​Delivery Suite




  • ​Dr. Salim & Nabil Firzli Pediatric Education Room

  • ​Endoscopy Unit

  • ​SB 101
  • SML Reading Room
  • Suite 711
  • Waiting Areas / Reception / Entrances

Back Lobby

5th Floor​

5th Flo​or

6th Floor

9th Floor

Women's Care Reception

MAB Entrance
  • Bariatric Unit
  • Bridge Connection
  • CCU Meeting Room
  • Core Lab
  • Vascular Lab
  • Heart Failure
  • Hemodialysis
  • Room 673

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