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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)


About Us, Mission Statement, History
The Laundry Department at AUBMC provides superior quality Laundry Services to patients and staff whose needs are addressed in a professional and efficient manner. The Laundry’s success lies upon the shared responsibility and the full commitment of our management as well as team members on site. 
The vision of the Laundry Department at the AUBMC is to be a pillar service provider assisting AUBMC as a whole in reaching its goals.

The Laundry Department is mainly concerned in providing full laundry services to AUBMC and AUB departments.

The department is comprised of around 70 staff members, the key of which are:

​Name ​Title ​Email ​Extension
​Dandachli, Chafic ​Director of Support Services cd08@aub.edu.lb ​2160
​Abou Mosleh, Ghassan ​Linen Room Foreman ga34@aub.edu.lb ​6455
​Fakhreddine, Mahmoud ​Electro Mechanic mf23@aub.edu.ln ​2069
​Harkous , Kassem ​Senior Heavac Technician kh06@aub.edu.lb ​2069
​Khaiwi, Othman ​Assistant Supervisor of Laundry and Sewing Room ok01@aub.edu.lb ​2150/1
​Masri, Malak ​Secretary ma158@aub.edu.lb ​2155/2156
​Sader, Suzan ​Linen Distribution Coordinator ss87@aub.edu.lb ​6455
​Siblani, Fawzi ​Senior Laundry Foreman fs23@aub.edu.lb ​2152

 Educational Programs
In Service training sessions are provided by the Director for the current Laundry Department staff. The sessions’ objective is to build and improve the level of knowledge of the Laundry Staff. A quarterly training calendar is set by the Director of Support services at the beginning of each year. Themes included range from general information, behavioral aspects, ergonomics and health and safety to focus on specific operational procedures.

In-Service Education Yearly Planner 2012

Quarter one 2012

  • Fire Safety Procedure by EHSRM / Mr. Bayyoud on Fe. 29, 2012)
    Q & A
Quarter two 2012                           
  •  Waste Management by EHSRM
    Types of Waste
    Waste Segregation
    Waste Collection & Handling
    Safety in Handling Waste
    Waste Treatment
    Q & A
Quarter three 2012   
  • Medical Center Safety Codes
    Code Team
    Code Pink
    Code D (Levels 1 & 2)
  • B- Laundry Safety Training Video
    http://www.safetyvideosnow.com/ Laundry_room_safety_training_p/5017a.htm
Quarter four 2012
  • Soiled Linen Handling
    Collection & reporting of foreign items especially sharps
  • Infection Control
    Hand Hygiene
    Personal Hygiene
    Protection from blood borne pathogens 
    Cleaning & disinfection of work tools and work place  
The Laundry is located on campus approximately 500 meters from the Medical Center. A Linen Room that provides linen services is located on the SB level- phase 1 at the medical center.  
Hours of Operation
Monday through Saturday 6:00 till 16:00 at the Laundry Department.
Monday through Saturday 6:00 till 15:30 and Sunday from 6 a.m till 15:30 at the Linen Room.
Contact Us
​Name ​Title ​Email ​Extension
​Khaiwi, Othman ​Assistant Supervisor of Laundry and Sewing Room ok01@aub.edu.lb ​2150/1
​Masri, Malak ​Secretary fs23@aub.edu.lb ​2152
​Siblani, Fawzi ​Senior Laundry Foreman ma158@aub.edu.lb ​2155/2156
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