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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)

Materials Management

About Us, Mission Statement, History
Mission Statement of the Material Management Department:
To effectively and efficiently supply the AUB Medical Center with the material resources necessary for the  daily operations of the hospital varying between medical and surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cleaning, stationery, and other vital supplies. In doing so, the MMD plans and coordinates the replenishment of supplies with concerned end-users, Purchasing Department and Medical Center Administration; stores the optimum levels of inventory; as well as distributes the supplies to all hospital operational units.
The MMD supports the mission and values of the AUB Medical Center by securing to AUBMC patients, care givers, educators and researchers; up-to-date, innovative, high quality, safe and cost effective supplies.
The Materials Management department is dedicated to the ordering, receiving, storage, and distribution of operational supplies to the various units and departments and to the materials requirement planning.
The MMD is managed by the following units:
MMD Administration whose role is to:
  • Monitor the stock levels and other materials transactions
  • Organize and oversee the replenishment, storage and distribution of supplies
  • Organize delivery schedules
  • Solve unusual events
  • Ensure compliance with existing inventory management rules and regulations
  • Assess existing processes for wastes and internal control weaknesses
  • Recommend and implement changes. 
Main Warehouses
The main warehouses host the bulk units of all AUBMC inventory items. We have two main warehouses; the wing in AUBMC Building Phase II that hosts the medical and surgical supplies and the wing in AUBMC Building Phase I that hosts the non-medical supplies. Warehouses are further classified into sub-inventories or stores with the following stores:
  • Store A1 holding the inventory for special medical and surgical supplies used in surgeries and other invasive procedures.
  • Store A2 holding the inventory for sterile saleable medical supplies and medical solutions.
  • Store B1 holding the inventory for general medical supplies.
  • Store C1 holding the inventory for housekeeping and sanitary supplies.
  • Store D1 holding the inventory for stationary and printing forms.
  • Store E1 holding the inventory for plant engineering, mechanical and electrical supplies.
  • Store N1 holding the inventory for food and beverages. 
The stores are managed by designated storekeepers whose main functions are to:
  • Keep accurate and optimum inventory level of all store items;
  • Communicate  with end-users for special cases of replenishment or utilization;
  • Follow up with Purchasing for availability of supplies;
  • Provide other customer support services as needed.
Satellite Stores
The MMD also operates through Satellite Stores located at geographic proximity to the critical operational and clinical units in order to ensure seamless flow of supplies to these areas. The satellite stores existing to date are:
  • Store A3 holding the inventory of the diagnostic and interventional radiology supplies and located in AUBMC Phase II, Basement level, within the Radiology Department.
  • Store L1 holding the inventory of laboratory supplies and located in AUBMC Phase II, on the third floor adjacent to the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department.
  • Store O1 holding the inventory of the surgical supplies and located in AUBMC Phase II, Basement level, within the Operating Rooms.
  • Store P1 holding the inventory of pharmaceuticals and located in AUBMC Phase II, Basement level, within the Pharmacy Department.
  • Store S1 holding the inventory of the linen supplies and located in AUB Campus within the same building of the Laundry Department. 
Satellite stores are also managed by designated storekeepers.
Consignment Stores
The MMD also owns custody of the consignment supplies entrusted by suppliers to AUBMC until used on patients. We have consignment supplies available in the:
  • Radiology Department
  • Operating Rooms
  • Cardiac Lab
  • GI Endoscopy Unit
​Service ​Name ​Title ​Extension ​Pager ​Email
​MMD Administration ​Anna Maria Abi Rashed ​Director of Materials Management Department ​6128 ​0875 aa63@aub.edu.lb
​Store A2 ​Raja Malik Alamuddine ​Store keeper ​6589 ra56@aub.edu.lb
​Store A2 ​Rabih Barakat ​​Store keeper ​6131 rb26@aub.edu.lb
​Equipment Control Division ​Sadek Dbouk ​Equipment Control Division Manager ​6584 ​0087 sd31@aub.edu.lb
​Store O1 ​Jihad Ghanem ​Store keeper ​6394-6349 ​1987 jg16@aub.edu.lb
​Store D1 and E1 ​Zuheir Halabi ​Store keeper ​6490 ​1564 zh14@aub.edu.lb
​Store O1 ​Mohammad Haidar ​Warehouseman ​6123 ​1987 mh131@aub.edu.lb
Stores Gs Consignment ​Hasan Hammoud ​Store keeper ​6132 ​1569 hh61@aub.edu.lb
​Store O1 ​Basman Hariri ​Store keeper ​6394-6349 ​1987 bh04@aub.edu.lb
​Store S1 ​Walid Humedian ​Store keeper ​2153 ​0089 wh11@aub.edu.lb
​Warehouses ​Ahmad Itani ​Warehouseman ​6120 ​1568 ai21@aub.edu.lb
​Stores C1 and N1 ​Hussein Mansour ​Store keeper ​6133 hm33@aub.edu.lb
​MMD Administration ​Wafa Mansour ​Assistant to the Director ​6127 wm06@aub.edu.lb
​Warehouses ​Ali Maatouk ​Warehouseman ​6120 ​1568 am91@aub.edu.lb
​Store L1 ​Mohamad Mokalled ​Store keeper ​5226 ​0891 mm45@aub.edu.lb
​Store B1 ​Ahmad Yusuf Mokdad ​Store keeper ​6134 am20@aub.edu.lb
​Store P1 ​Ali Moussawi ​Store P1 ​6129 am67@aub.edu.lb
​MMD Administration ​Tamar Palanjian ​Secretary ​6120-6121 tp00@aub.edu.lb
​Store A1 ​Ashraf Saleh ​Store keeper ​6123 as95@aub.edu.lb
​Store A3 ​Yaman Skheita ​Store keeper ​5104 ys13@aub.edu.lb
AUBMC, Phase II, sub-basement floor, rooms SB-109 and SB-111
Hours of Operation
  • For main warehouses
     Monday to Friday from 7:30 Am till 11:00 Pm
    Saturday from 07:30 Am till 03:30 Pm
    Sunday from 03:00 Pm till 11:00 Pm
  • For Satellite Stores
    24 hour On Call OR and Main Store Service pager 1987
    24 hour On Call Pharmacy Store Service
    24 hour On Call Radiology Store Service pager 1986
Contact Us
Telephone: 00961-1-350000 Extension 6120
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