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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)

Medical Records

About Us, Mission Statement, History
The mission of the Medical Records Department is to maintain clear and complete medical record on every patient who was admitted and discharged from the hospital, who was treated in the Emergency Department or ambulatory care units or received any service from AUBMC . The information is gathered from each patient encounter and is retrieved whenever necessary to enhance patient care. Furthermore, the Medical Records Department is committed to assist the medical staff and other health care professionals of the Medical Center in their duties and responsibilities to maintain timely completion and proper documentation of the patient care in the medical record.
  • Handling patients/ patients’ representatives requests for information: release medical information and copies of diagnostic results to patient or his/ her authorized or legal representative 
  • Issuing Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Transcription of patient information by providing and coordinating a centralized dictation/ transcription system 
  • Availability and accessibility to patient information: The medical record shall be made available to healthcare providers involved directly in patient care in a timely manner. 
  • Retrieval and review of medical records for review, research, presentation, or preparation of case reports 
  • Coding of medical records using ICD-9-CM classification system
  • Medical Record Analysis for completeness, timeliness, and proper documentations as required by bylaws and rules and regulations of the medical staff, MOH and JCI standards
  • Retention of Records: AUBMC shall retain permanently all health information in its original paper form for a period of 10 years from the patient’s last treatment and 10 years after the patient reaches age of majority (18 years). AUBMC shall create a microfilm or an electronic copy and destroy the hard copy of medical records after the specified retention period by shredding or using other suitable means
Medical Records Administrator: Carole Haddad Ch10@aub.edu.lb
​Transcriptionist Supervisor: Rabih Sayegh Rs25@aub.edu.lb
​Medical Records Supervisor: Roger Daw Rd11@aub.edu.lb
​Scanning Supervisor: Mr.  Hadi Al-Shaar Ha96@aub.edu.lb
​Medical Transcriptionist:
Hana Fustuk:
Bassima Hout:
Lena Madjarian:
Osanna Nashalian:
Khadijeh Sakr:
Nahida Sujud:
Georgina Warrak:

hf06@aub.edu.lb , 6478 
bh06@aub.edu.lb , 6473
lm21@aub.edu.lb , 6463
on02@aub.edu.lb , 6474
ks16@aub.edu.lb , 6395
ns26@aub.edu.lb , 6476
gw01@aub.edu.lb , 6468
​Health Data Reviewer:
Salma Haidar
Dana Jamal

sh65@aub.edu.lb , 6465
dj12@aub.edu.lb , 6493
​Medical Records Coder:
Hisham Shoujaa:
Nabil Dani:
Ghassan Breiteh:
Fatmeh Awwad

Hs20@aub.edu.lb , 6461
Nd09@aub.edu.lb , 6495
Gb09@aub.edu.lb , 6494
Fa56@aub.edu.lb , 6494
Monah Aridi:
Paul Al Zerawi:
Wassim Annan:
Wissam Timani:
Bassam Nazzal:
Jihad Zeitouni:
Talal Shaar:       
Yehia Hamieh:
Mohammad Kouzi

Ma111@aub.edu.lb , 6467
Pa14@aub.edu.lb , 6466
Wa45@aub.edu.lb , 6467
Wt01@aub.edu.lb , 6467
Bn03@aub.edu.lb , 6467
Js28@aub.edu.lb , 6488
Ts12@aub.edu.lb , 6467
Yh18@aub.edu.lb , 6467
Mk139@aub.edu.lb , 6477
​Clerk Typist:
Rola Kibrit

Rk47@aub.edu.lb , 6489
​Medical Records Attendant:
Abdallah Amhaz:
Imad Jaafar:

aa90@aub.edu.lb , 6467
ij05@aub.edu.lb , 6467
​Health Records Abstractor:
Rima Bayan:

Rb18@aub.edu.lb , 6470
​Document Imaging management:
Mohammad Haidar
Mahmoud Shatila
Sultane Gharzeddine,

Mm101@aub.edu.lb , 6459
Ms156@aub.edu.lb , 6459
Sg33@aub.edu.lb , 6459
Patient Education
Medical information and copies of diagnostic results are released to patient or his/ her authorized or legal representative
AUBMC, Phase II, Third floor, Room 311
Hours of Operation
Follow up between 7:00 AM – 4:00PM
Contact Us
ch10@aub.edu.lb , 6467-6469, and Fax of administration: 1-345325
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