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Contact Us
PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)

Patient Affairs Office

Mission Statement
The mission of the Patient Affairs Office is to promote and ensure patient satisfaction at all times and guarantee that the patient’s stay at AUBMC is the very best by following a patient-centered care approach while maintaining service excellence.


Patient Advocacy
In line with our commitment to provide quality care and service excellence, AUBMC Patient Advocates are available to proactively manage patient concerns and assure that all of their expectations are met.
Click here to watch a video prepared by the patient advocacy team.
Our Patient Advocates can be reached at 03-956856 or 70-628728.

Complaint Management
Our goal is to ensure that our patients have the most pleasant stay possible. If you have any concerns while at AUBMC please do not hesitate to share it with us. All matters raised will be followed up in a strictly confidential manner.
For any complaints please call 6010 or visit room E133 on the first floor of the Medical Center.

Patient Education
The Patient Education Program at AUBMC is dedicated to educating patients and their families about healthcare in every possible way. Our mission is to provide high quality health education for all AUBMC patients and families. We ensure that our patients and their families are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in their care and improve their health. Education is provided in different ways such as one-on-one interactions between the patient and the health care provider, group sessions, educational presentations, and educational videos, amongst others.
We encourage you to visit our patient education website http://staff.aub.edu.lb/~webpatedu/.
For your questions or suggestions, please contact us on patienteducation@aub.edu.lb 

Patient Satisfaction Survey
AUBMC wants to hear from you. Your opinion helps us continue serving you with excellence!
AUBMC conducts patient satisfaction surveys to assess and acquire the patient’s perspective of the services provided at our Medical Center. Inpatient Satisfaction Surveys are being conducted on a quarterly basis. The interviews are performed with randomly selected patients discharged from AUBMC through telephone calls within 48 hours of discharge. Our Inpatient Satisfaction Survey is based on HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), JCI and magnet requirements. 
Outpatient Satisfaction Surveys are also being conducted on a semiannual basis for a randomly selected group of patients who visit our Private Clinics and Family Medicine Department.

Emergency Department Surveys are being conducted on Quarterly basis. The interviews are performed with randomly selected patients discharged from the ED through telephone calls within 48 hours of the discharge.

Room Service
Your comfort is our priority! AUBMC is currently offering a new service “Room Service” for our hospitalized patients.
Call us on 6555 for:
  • Guest bed service
  • Housekeeping
  • Internet access
  • Room maintenance
Courtesy Service 
Courtesy officers are the first point of contact with patients, families, and visitors. The role of the Courtesy Officer is to meet, greet, and direct/escort patients and visitors to the different areas of the Medical Center.
Courtesy officers are located at the entrances of all AUBMC buildings and are available to attend to your queries at the following extensions:
  • AUBMC Main building: 6360/1
  • AUBMC Specialty Polyclinics Building: 6745​
  • Building 56: 6366
  • Aboukhater Building (Building 23): 6746
  • Wassef and Souad Sawwaf building: 7118

Volunteer and lend a helping hand
The Courtesy Service at AUBMC welcomes volunteers from universities and schools. Volunteer Courtesy Officers are an essential part of the Courtesy Service at AUBMC. Also, it is a great oppotunity for volunteers to help others, make a difference in the community, all while building their professional experience.  

If you’re interested in joining or know someone who is, please contact the Patient Affairs Office at extension 6010 or email us at aubmc@aub.edu.lb

Patient Affairs Staff

Name Title Email Extension
Maher Soubra Director of Clinical and Patient Affairs and Private Clinics ms117@aub.edu.lb 5999
Yara Abou Harb Deputy Director for Patient Affairs ya09@aub.edu.lb 5306
Haneen Yasmeen Bou Ayash Coordinator, Clinical Patient Affairs & Specialty Clinics and Surveying Unit hb73@aub.edu.lb            8204

Complaint Management ​ ​ ​ ​
Daad Timani
Patient Relations Manager dt04@aub.edu.lb

Patient Advocates
Lina Ahmadieh Patient Advocate ​​la50@aub.edu.lb 6443
Rayan Cheikh Patient Advocate  rc35@aub.edu.lb 6406
Sarah Hatoum Patient Advocate ​​sh64@aub.edu.lb 6438
Maher Tawil Patient Advocate mt88@aub.edu.lb 6130

Patient Education
Yvonne Jleilaty Patient Education Facilitator yj04@aub.edu.lb
Samar Nassif Patient Education Coordinator sn21@aub.edu.lb 6407

Layal Abi Jumaa Patient Relations Representative ​​la75@aub.edu.lb
Nada Jamal Grateful Patient Fund Coordinator nj25@aub.edu.lb 6012

Courtesy Officers
Lara Abdel Sattar Courtesy Officer ​la105@aub.edu.lb 6360
Andre Costantine Hanna Courtesy Officer ​​ac09@aub.edu.lb 6360
Philip Elias Courtesy Officer pe02@aub.edu.lb 6360
Wedad Halabi Courtesy Officer wh35@aub.edu.lb 6360
Wafa Kais Courtesy Officer ​​wk34@aub.edu.lb 6360
​Sara Kans ​Courtesy Officer ​​wk34@aub.edu.lb  ​6360
Ibrahim Mheidly Courtesy Officer im11@aub.edu.lb 6360
Amin Mosleh Courtesy Officer am130@aub.edu.lb 6360
Imad Ubeid Courtesy Officer iu01@aub.edu.lb 6360

AUBMC, Phase II, First Floor, room E133
Hours of Operation
8 am – 5 pm, Monday thru Friday
Outside of regular working hours, our Patient Advocates are more than willing to help on their mobile phones. 
Contact Us
Mailing Address:
Patient Affairs Office
American University of Beirut Medical Center
PO BOX 11-0236
Beirut, Lebanon


  • Patient Relation Office: 00961-1-350000 ext: 6010
  • Patient Advocacy: 00961-3-956856, 00961-70-628728
  • Information Desk: 00961-1-350000 ext: 6361
Fax: 01/364082
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