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Contact Us
PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)

About us, Mission Statement, History
The Department of Pharmacy at AUBMC is a clinical care department whose mission is to guarantee the provision of safe and optimal drug therapy outcomes to patients; to educate health care practitioners and students about optimal drug therapy; and to conduct and support drug-related research.
Our mission is to provide a complete range of pharmacy services to the Medical Center and meet the Department’s mission of providing "loved one"-centered care.
The Pharmacy has the following responsibilities:
  • To provide an effective management team for the department. 
  • To provide pharmacy services in an effective and safe drug distribution system for in and out-patients
  • To provide an intravenous IV admixture program capable of fulfilling the needs of all inpatient and outpatient treatment areas at the lowest possible operating cost. 
  •  To provide pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the Hospital's research community.
  • To provide an efficient material handling system which minimizes space requirements and maximizes inventory turnover.
  • To provide a setting within which the professional skills of the pharmacist are maximally utilized. 
  • To encourage pharmaceutical and clinical research by members of the Department. This will improve the efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness of drug therapy.
Title Name  email Address
Pharmacist Abdallah Fatmeh


Oncology Pharmacist Al-Laban Layal la65@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Al Chami Ismail ia42@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Cortas Nayla nc11@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Droubi Sara sd38@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Koleilat Hiba hk38@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist El-Khatib Sara se35@aub.edu.lb
Clinical Pharmacist Ghaziri Dania dg01@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Hariri  Dania dh33@aub.edu.lb
Oncology Pharmacist Ismail  Fatima fi06@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Itani  Dina di08@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Laylo Jocelyne jl02@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Naser  Marsel mn87@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Nattout Riham rn64@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Fanous Manal mf56@aub.edu.lb
Oncology Pharmacist Aya Kabbani ak122@aub.edu.lb
Oncology Pharmacist Naufal Mary mn81@aub.edu.lb
Clinical Pharmacist Saad Therese ts14@aub.edu.lb
Inventory Management Sukkarieh Taghrid ts13@aub.edu.lb
Oncology Pharmacist Wazneh Maha mw17@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist Zaatari  Moh'd mz28@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacist  Zahreddine Rabah rz20@aub.edu.lb
MS Pharmacist Zeineddine Maya mz39@aub.edu.lb
Senior Technician Al-Jubeily Sara se11@aub.edu.lb
Senior Technician Al-Moarawi Yousef ya15@aub.edu.lb
Oncology Technician Beujekian Garabet gb11@aub.edu.lb
Oncology Technician Chibli Rima rc25@aub.edu.lb
Technician Daeibes Wael wd12@aub.edu.lb
Technician El-Deek Nahi ne18@aub.edu.lb
Technician Fadlallah Mousa fm36@aub.edu.lb
Technician Farhat  Ali af42@aub.edu.lb
Technician Fahda Ibrahim if05@aub.edu.lb
Technician Hdeib Rayan rh115@aub.edu.lb
Technician Mokdad Noura nm85@aub.edu.lb
Technician Nader Wissam wn09@aub.edu.lb
Technician Nader Hiba hn32@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy Technician Supervisor Oweini Nadine n03@aub.edu.lb
Technician Osseily   Hanan ho08@aub.edu.lb
Technician Sakr Khaled ks27@aub.edu.lb
Assistant Technician Mezher Fadi fm20@aub.edu.lb
Assistant Technician Sukkar Zuheir zs18@aub.edu.lb
Assistant Technician Shehab Afif as66@aub.edu.lb
Assistant Technician Wakim Khalil wk05@aub.edu.lb
Assistant Technician Al-Masri Rami ra181@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Akoubian Rita ra81@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Atweh Fuad fa53@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid AbdelNabi Moh'd ma268@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Badawi Moh'd mb88@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Baraa Jamal bj07@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Bilal  Ihab ib09@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Hallak Ahmad ah146@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Haydar Farhat hf20@aub.edu.lb
Pharmacy aid Ismail Ali ai28@aub.edu.lb
Assistant Technician Youness Hassan hy16@aub.edu.lb
Data Entry Dagher Dany dd11@aub.edu.lb
Store clerk Itani Wael wi01@aub.edu.lb
Store clerk Salamoun Dany ds09@aub.edu.lb
Data Entry Sawma Alexa as56@aub.edu.lb
Secretary Shaaban Majida mm57@aub.edu.lb
Basement floor- Pharmacy Department
Hours of Operation
24 hours, 7 days/week
Contact us
Main Pharmacy: 6571
Oncology Satellite Pharmacy (main hospital): 5293
Oncology Satellite Pharmacy (Basile): 8115
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