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Child Protection Committee​ >> Activities

Continuous training of the CPC members:
Procedures and guidance cannot in themselves protect children. To improve their assessment of child protection needs, members took Online preparatory courses on “Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting” and “Child Sexual Abuse” and completed a 5 credit/unit offered by VISTA Continuing Education with plans for future members to take and receive a certificate.
  • Sessions on the legal aspect of Child protection
On June 2012, and  On behalf of Dr. Bernard Jerbaka, President of the Union for protecting Childhood in Lebanon, who was invited by a written letter, Ms. Samera Dalla, gave the child protection committee, a brief idea about the UPEL for direct collaboration.
On July 2012 and On behalf of Maitre Fadi Moughaizel, AUBMC lawyer, who was invited through the Medical center administration, Maitre Caroline Rizk presented important information about the legal interface of children in the country.

Awareness activities
  • Orientation Sessions
Members presented several lectures about the CPC role and function during the grand rounds of the Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics and the Family Medicine departments. Two sessions were also given in one of nursing staff general meeting and to the Med.III students. These sessions were meant to raise awareness among AUBMC staff and faculty regarding child protection.
  • Desk flyers
They also designed and executed CPC desk flyers which were placed on the Nursing units and on all Bulletin Boards and initiated the CPC on-call pager no.1587 service, on a rotating basis (CPC on call schedule attached).​

Scientific activities
  • Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA) 
During the Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA) activity on May 6, 2012, two interactive workshops about “Asking about domestic violence and Responding to Disclosure in clinical Setting” were performed by Dr. Jinan Usta, CPC member, along with Dr. Gene Feder, an international speaker on Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (in parallel with the conference in September).
  • Conference​
On September 16, 2012 at  Gefinor, Rotana hotel, Beirut, the First National Child protection committee conference on “Child Protection in the medical setting: Assessment and intervention and Trauma- focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workshop” was held under the patronage of the minister of Social Affairs, and in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Ministry of Public Health, department of Psychiatry, department of pediatrics, Continuing Medical Education Office at AUB and the Lebanese Psychological Association. Two international experts in the field of child maltreatment and intervention, Dr. Benjamin Saunders, a professor from South Carolina, USA and Dr. Monica Fitzgerald, Assistant professor from Colorado-Denver, USA, presented lectures and conducted workshops, in addition to other local experts and representative of the legal system and NGOs involved. These events were attended by around 100 participants from all over Lebanon. ( Pictures of the conference and the lectures , workshops etc..).

In case you susp​​ect child maltreatment within AUBMC community,

call the designated CPC on call member with a Pager no. 1587​​​​

and Fill the

CPC consultation Form

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