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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)
Department of Diagnostic Radiology


The Mission of the Diagnostic Radiology Department at AUBMC is to provide the highest standards of imaging and interventional services at the lowest possible radiation exposure for patients and employees. We promote, embrace and honor the staff of today as the new leaders of tomorrow through a long standing tradition of Service Excellency, education and innovative research. We are dedicated to assisting the treating physician in the diagnosis and management of diseases and to promoting a culture of quality and patient-centered care.

The Vision of the Diagnostic Radiology Department at AUBMC is to be leaders in the provision of highest standards of imaging and interventional radiology services, in the promotion of quality patient care, and in the contribution to innovative research in diagnostic radiology at both the national and regional levels. We aim to update and expand our imaging facilities to accompany the technological advances in radiology and meet the increasing needs of imaging services.
  • General radiology and fluoroscopy

  • Ultrasonography: ultrasound machines with 2D and 3D capability along with color and duplex Doppler imaging. We also dedicate a separate room for ultrasound-guided procedures and 2 portable units for bedside examinations

  • Computed Tomography:  providing the full range of studies from neuro and body imaging to coronary CT angiography, CT enterography and virtual colonoscopy. 

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): providing the full range of studies from neuro and body imaging to MR spectroscopy, breast and genitourinary imaging, cardiac imaging and MR enterography.

  • Interventional Radiology (IR): provides a wide range of minimally-invasive radiological procedures, including vascular and non-vascular interventions using a fully equipped IR suite with state-of-the-art digital subtraction imaging, 3D roadmapping, CT like images, vessel navigation and CO2 view tracing.

  • The Mamdouha El Sayed Bobst Breast Unit (MSBBU): Digital mammography with tomosynthesis, Breast ultrasound, Interventional procedures such as biopsies and wire localization.

  • Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT and cyclotron unit:

    1. ​​​Nuclear Medicine, as well as advanced studies which encompass cardiac stress/rest scanning, sentinel node localization, leukoscans and neurological studies for epilepsy. We also provide radionuclide treatments for prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors using Lu-177 radiopharmaceuticals as well as conventional radioiodine treatments for thyroid diseases.

    2. IPET/CT is used to pinpoint the location of cancer within the body before making treatment recommendations and for assessment of treatment response, memory disorders, seizures and other central nervous system disorders.

    3. Cyclotron produce a variety of isotopes on a local and regional scale. The cyclotron is a dual-ion-source/dual-target unit with energy of 18 MeV capable of producing various radioisotopes such as F-18, O-15, N-13 and C-11.​


​Name ​Title ​Specialty ​Email ​Extension
​Dr. Hero Hussain ​Professor and Chairperson Abdominal Imaging hh41@aub.edu.lb ​5060
​Dr. Aghiad Al-Kutoubi​ ​Professor Interventional Radiology, Abdominal Imaging mk00@aub.edu.lb   ​5060
Dr. Lamia Ann Atweh Assistant ​Professor ​Pediatrics Radiology la17@aub.edu.lb ​5060
​Dr. Ghina Berjawi ​Associate Professor Women's Imaging gb02@aub.edu.lb ​8020
Dr. Mohammad Haidar​ ​Associate Professor ​Nuclear Medicine mh209@aub.edu.lb ​7112
​Dr. Roula Hourani ​Associate Professor ​Neuro Radiology rh64@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Mukbil Hourani​ ​Professor ​Neuro Radiology ​​mh17@aub.edu.lb ​5060
​Dr. Nabil Khoury ​Professor ​Musculoskeletal, CT enterography, CT colonography nk01@aub.edu.lb ​5060
​Dr. Lara Nassar
​Assistant Professor Breast imaging ln07@aub.edu.lb   ​8020
Dr. Maurice Haddad ​Professor ​Ultrasound, Abdominal Imaging mh02@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Lena Naffaa ​Associate Professor Pediatric Radiology ln01@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Hicham Moukadda​m ​Assistant Professor ​Musculoskeletal, Abdominal Imaging​ hm09@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Alain Abi Ghanem Instructor Nuclear Medicine, Cardiothoracic Imaging aa277@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Serine Baydoun Instructor Breast Imaging sb63@aub.edu.lb ​8020
Dr. Tatiana Khoury Instructor Breast Imaging tk23@aub.edu.lb ​8020
Dr. Nadim Muallem Instructor Interventional Radiology, Abdominal Imaging nm53@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Bassem Mourany ​Assistant Professor Cardiothoracic Imaging bm07@aub.edu.lb ​5060

Clinical Associates

​Name ​Email ​Extension
Dr. Mustafa Natout m​n113@aub.edu.lb ​5060
Dr. Antoine Wadih aw18@aub.edu.lb   ​5060

Educational Programs

Graduate Medical Education (GME): http://www.aub.edu.lb/fm/gme​
  • Residency Program
    The Department of Diagnostic Radiology offers a postgraduate training program of five years in diagnostic and interventional radiology, including one year of internship.


​Resident ​Username ​Year ​Pager
​Chantal Akkari Ca86@aub.edu.lb ​PGY I ​0122
​Diamond Ghieh Dg10@aub.edu.lb ​PGY I ​0188
​Youssef Ghosn Yg05@aub.edu.lb ​PGY I ​0310
​Elie Najem En16@aub.edu.lb ​PGY I ​1267
​Caline Azzi Ca78@aub.edu.lb ​PGY II ​1324
​Andrew Barakat Ab101@aub.edu.lb ​PGY II ​1252
​Reve Chahine Rc57@aub.edu.lb ​PGY II ​1289
​Mohamad Kayali Mk267@aub.edu.lb ​PGY II ​1474
​Raquelle Alam Ra314@aub.edu.lb ​PGY III ​0186
​Samir El Rayess Sa260@aub.edu.lb ​PGY III ​0142
​Firas Ershaid Fe34@aub.edu.lb ​PGY III ​0113
​Mehran Khdhir Mk247@aub.edu.lb PGY III 0165
​Ziad Tarcha Zt12@aub.edu.lb ​PGY III ​1266
​Bassam El Achkar Be21@aub.edu.lb ​PGY IV ​0315
​Youssef Mohsen Ym23@aub.edu.lb ​PGY IV ​1287
​Vanessa Rameh Vr03@aub.edu.lb ​PGY IV ​1150
​Catherina Zadeh Cz13@aub.edu.lb ​PGY IV ​0270
​Mohammad Ali Al Amine Me128@aub.edu.lb ​PGY V ​0314
​Rayane Issa Ri35@aub.edu.lb ​PGY V ​0111
​Muhammed Shareef Ms279@aub.edu.lb ​PGY V ​0187
​Christel Tamer Ct15@aub.edu.lb ​PGY V ​0219
​Rita Chahinian Rc66@aub.edu.lb ​Fellow Nuclear Medicine ​1369
​Hala Khasawneh Hk128@aub.edu.lb ​Fellow Abdominal Imaging ​1335


AUBMC, basement floor
Contact Us
  • Telephone: +961-1-350000
    • ​Main Reception and information Desk: 5060
    • Administrator: 7543
    • Radiology Supervisor: 8043
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