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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)
Diagnostic Radiology

About Us
Our mission is to provide the highest standard of imaging services and consultation in order to meet the needs of patients as determined by the medical staff. We assist colleagues in making diagnosis and management by utilizing radiological techniques, and we provide a state-of-the-art interventional radiology service. In addition to ensuring minimizing radiation exposure to patients and workers, we participate in the educational program for interns, medical students, residents, radiographers, and trainees.
Our vision is to maintain a leadership position in imaging and intervention and to update and expand the imaging facilities to keep up with the technical advances and medical requirements. On the academic level, the department will continue to strengthen the residency program and engage in active research in collaboration with colleagues at AUBMC, as well as regional and international institutions.
  • General radiology and fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasonography, including color Doppler and 3D studies
  • Computed tomography: multidetector CT, CT coronary angiography, and virtual colonoscopy
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, including MR angiography and spectroscopy. A special cardiac MR package is available to provide a full, non-invasive assessment of cardiac function and perfusion. There are facilities of imaging children and other patients under general anesthesia with full monitoring.
  • Mammography and computer-assisted, stereotactic, breast biopsy and intervention
  • Full range of vascular and interventional procedures
  • Nuclear scanning: full range of routine tests, as well as advanced studies which encompass cardiac scanning, tumor localization, sentinel node, mammoscintigraphy, leukoscans, neurological studies and parathyroid localization
​Name ​Title ​Specialty ​Email ​Extension
​Dr. Mukbil Hourani ​Professor and Interim Chairman ​Nuclear medicine mh17@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
​Dr. Ghina Birjawi ​Associate Professor ​Women's imaging gb02@aub.edu.lb   ​5020/60
​Dr. Maurice Haddad ​Professor ​Pediatrics, ultrasound mh02@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
​Dr. Ali Haydar ​Assistant Professor ​Interventional radiology, body imaging ah24@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
​Dr. Roula Hourany ​Assistant Professor ​Neuroradiology rh64@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
​Dr. Nabil Khoury ​Associate Professor ​Musculoskeletal, CT enterography, CT colonography nk01@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
​Dr. Aghiad Al-Kutoubi ​Professor ​Interventional radiology, body imaging mk00@aub.edu.lb   ​5020/60
​Dr. Fadi El-Merhi ​Assistant Professor ​Interventional radiology, body and cardiovascular MRI and CT fe19@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
​Dr. Lara Nassar ​Instructor ​Breast imaging ln07@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
Dr. Youssef El-Zein ​Assistant Professor ​Breast imaging ye00@aub.edu.lb ​5020/60
Educational Programs
Graduate Medical Education (GME): http://www.aub.edu.lb/~webgme/
  • Residency Program
    The Department of Diagnostic Radiology offers a postgraduate training program of five years in diagnostic and interventional  radiology, including one year of internship.
  • Radiologic Technology Training Program (RTTP)
    This program offers an interesting and rewarding type of work to help in training radiographers who are important members in the health care team. The school provides a program which uses its own facility at AUBMC for the education and training of its radiographers. (More) 
​Name ​Year ​Email ​Pager
​Dr. Jad Bou Ayache ​PGYV jb34@aub.edu.lb ​135
​Dr. Samar Hajj ​PGYV sh82@aub.edu.lb ​169
​Dr. Malak Itani ​PGYV mi27@aub.edu.lb ​335
Dr. Mhmd Mounir Abou Elknj ​PGYIV ma196@aub.edu.lb ​187
​Dr. Nehme Bechalany ​PGYIV nb35@aub.edu.lb ​272
​Dr. Tatiana Khoury ​PGYIV tk23@aub.edu.lb ​282
​Dr. Karim Rbeiz ​PGYIII kr10@aub.edu.lb ​1267
​Dr. Peter Sawan ​PGYIII ps19@aub.edu.lb ​314
​Dr. Bedros Taslakian ​PGYIII bt05@aub.edu.lb ​186
​Dr. Jad Chokr ​PGYII jc20@aub.edu.lb ​315
​Dr. Karem Gharzeddine ​PGYII kg09@aub.edu.lb ​1150
​Dr. Sahar Semaan PGYII ss149@aub.edu.lb 385
​Dr. Murad Abu Samra ​PGYI ma262@aub.edu.lb ​113
​Dr. Ola Ghaith ​PGYI og03@aub.edu.lb ​142
​Dr. Nabil Yacoub PGYI ny19@aub.edu.lb ​1266
​Dr. Arwa Al-Zaghal PGYI aa200@aub.edu.lb ​165
AUBMC, basement floor
Contact Us
  • Email: rad@aub.edu.lb

  • Telephone: +961-1-350000
    • CTS: 5040/1/2
    • Reception desk: 5060/1/2/3
    • Administrator: 5039
    • Technical administrator: 5050
    • Interventional: 5055/5069
    • U/S: 5037
    • MRI: 5047
    • MAM: 5079

  • Fax: +961-1-743634
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