Get to Know AUBHealth

​​​​​What is AUBHealth?

As one of the leading Medical Centers in the region, AUBMC utilizes AUBHealth, a first-of-its-kind electronic medical record system in Lebanon, launched on Nov 03, 2018. AUBHealth enhances our patient care, continuing medical education, and research. It provides a comprehensive, central, and integrated solution for delivering the most advanced digital care.

What this means to you:

AUBHealth helps improve quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care. As a patient, you will notice quicker communication and coordination between the healthcare team members regarding your condition and treatment. You will also enjoy a better patient experience and a much easier access to your records.

With AUBHealth:
  • All your healthcare professionals have access to your unified medical record at their fingertips wherever you go at AUBMC.
  • Your doctors are able to check your records even if they are not physically present in the Medical Center.
  • Your admission and discharge processes are easier and more efficient.
  • You are able to schedule appointments in an easier way.
  • You will notice less paperwork.
  • You can access details of your medical record whenever and wherever you are.
  • You can involve your family in healthcare decision making.

MyAUBHealth: Your Medical Record at Your Fingertips

MyAUBHealth is a patient portal which allows you to access your medical record electronically. Through MyAUBHealth, you will be able to: 

  • Check details about your future appointments.
  • Confirm and cancel appointments and enter details about reasons for the visit.
  • Complete most of the check-in process from home, like verifying allergies and medications.
  • View and download visit and admission summaries.
  • Move appointments to an earlier date after being notified that a slot is available. 
  • Get in touch electronically with our healthcare providers who will make sure to answer your concerns within 72 hours. 
  • Grant your parents and spouses permission to view your “MyAUBHealth” account. 
  • Receive access to your children’s medical records. 
  • Search for a healthcare provider within AUBMC based on criteria such as specialty and gender.  
How to get to MyAUBHealth

You can get MyAUBHealth application by calling 01-350000 ext. 7463 or visiting the clinic. You can also access the webportal through this link: 

We are by your side!

Patient Affairs Team

The Patient Affairs Team is available to support and guide you through the process to ensure that you have a better patient experience.

For any questions or concerns that are not already being managed by your doctor and nurse, please contact us on ext. 6010 or 70-628728 and 03-956856.

Changes to the Healthcare Environment

What you'll notice:
  • Doctors, nurses, and staff more frequently use computers, workstations, tablets, and barcode machines.
  • If you were admitted to the Medical Center, you will notice that doctors and nurses are using computers and other devices in your room to document their assessments and treatments. They are also useing a barcode scanner to scan your bracelet and medication at different stages.
  • You will notice a slight change in some of the processes you were used to. Our aim is to raise the bar of the healthcare system in Lebanon and make sure you are amongst to receive the best experience.​

We care about providing you with the most efficient and timely experience.

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