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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)
Clinical Nutrition

​About Us
The Department of Clinical Nutrition works effectively to offer high quality nutrition services by ​meeting the needs and expectations of its customers, and providing health promotion in the community. Specialized medical nutrition therapy is delivered to inpatients and outpatients to optimize quality of life and well-being. As active members of the multidisciplinary team, dietitians apply their expertise and leadership in clinical nutrition to achieve the mission of the Medical Center. Furthermore, the department plays a prominent role in research and education and trains dietetic students to become professional dietitians.
The Department of Clinical Nutrition is the leader in the region for providing nutrition services according to world-class standards set by the Joint Committee and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Services and Procedures

The Department of Clinical Nutrition provides the following services:
  • Patient Nutrition Care
    Specialized medical nutrition therapy is provided by clinical dietitians to:
    • Inpatient Units
      All services, including adult and pediatric critical care, surgery, cardiology, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, transplantation, pediatrics, neonatal care and maternity medicine. Other practice areas include nutrition management in bariatric surgery, dialysis, heart failure program, inherited metabolic disease program, pediatric and adolescent weight management program, epilepsy program and smoking cessation program and radiation oncology.
    • Ambulatory Services
      ​​​​​Clinical dietitians receive patients at the Dietitians Clinics, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Unit, Pediatric and Adolescent Weight Control Program, , Inherited Metabolic Diseases Program, Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) Outpatient Service, Family Medicine Practice Clinics, Hemodialysis Unit, Heart Failure Program,  Smoking Cessation Program, Radiation Oncology and the Outpatient Department (OPD) Clinics (diabetes, obstetrics and gynecology, and surgery).
  • Training and Education

    • Dietetic Practicum
      This is a nine-month training program. It qualifies BS Nutrition and Dietetics students of the AUB Coordinated Program in Dietetics to become Registered Dietitians at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics following the program’s accreditation.

    • International Clinical Nutrition Training Program
      Individualized training experience is offered to dietitians who have been educated and are working outside Lebanon. The training is tailored to the individual's interests, needs and goals. It aims to develop a current area of practice or acquire a new area of specialization. The length of the experience will be dependent on the learning objectives.

      Areas of clinical nutrition practice that candidates can request training in are: nutrition support, renal nutrition, diabetes, bone marrow transplantation, pediatrics, cardiology, maternity, oncology and surgery including bariatric surgery.

      Interested candidates submit an application form to the External Medical Affairs Office. Acceptance is based on review of academic preparation and past work experience.

    • Staff Education
      This includes formal training of Med IV students in hospital diets and nutrition assessment, as well as teaching residents in family medicine about nutrition counseling during their community rotation and training pediatric residents during their elective pediatric GI nutrition rotation.

      Clinical dietitians also provide housestaff and nursing staff with educational sessions. They are aimed towards improved understanding of specialized nutrition for better management of patient nutrition care. Sessions address cardiology as well as nutrition support in critical care units.
    • Other Education Activities 
      Dietitians present at national and international conferences, workshops, seminars, and courses.
Furthermore, in 2014 the department launched the Lebanese International Nutrition Conference (LINC) as an annual platform by which dietitians as well as professionals from multiple health disciplines link with each other to share knowledge and experience for the advancement of nutrition in health and disease in Lebanon and the region, through conferences and workshops​.​
  • Community Nutrition
    • Health promotion activities
    • University Wellness Program
    • Support groups: bariatric surgery and heart failure

  • Other Services
    • The Department of Clinical Nutrition is engaged in the activities of the Vascular Medicine Program (VMP) working group on salt intake optimization.​


​The department participates in nutrition related research projects in the Medical Center and university.


​Name ​Title ​Specialty ​Email
Widad Ayass, MS, APD, LD ​Director of Dietetics ​Healthcare nutrition and food systems management wa02@aub.edu.lb
​Abir Noureddine Barhoumi, MS, LD
​Assistant Director
Clinical Dietitian
Clinical nutrition management
Facility Coordinator of Dietetic Practicum and Preceptor
Normal and critical care units for pediatrics and neonates, pediatric oncology, and pediatric transplantation.
Inherited metabolic diseases. Epilepsy
Diana Wazni Baydoun, LD Clinical Dietitian and Quality Coordinator Quality management Preceptor in food service management and in clinical nutrition.
Medical/surgical, renal transplantation, outpatient oncology, bariatric surgery support
​Mariam Allaik Kamareddine, LD ​Clinical Dietitian Surgery including bariatric surgery, renal, and dialysis
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
​Rania Khatib Doumani, LD ​Clinical Dietitian Adult critical care units (ICU), infectious diseases
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
May Sakr Maalouf, MPH, LD ​Clinical Dietitian Medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
Hind Dakhil Abboud, BA, MPH, LD ​Clinical Dietitian Adult critical care units (RCU, NCU, CSU), cardiology
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
​Jana Jabbour, MPH, LD
​Clinical Dietitian
Medical/surgical, transplantation
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
Lara Istaitie
Clinical Dietitian
Oncology, surgery, family medicine
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
​Mirna Dehaini, LD ​Clinical Dietician ​Neurology
Preceptor in clinical nutrition
​Suha Hamdan Kiwan ​Administrative Assistant ​-​ sk34@aub.edu.lb


The Department of Clinical Nutrition is located on the second floor of the Medical Center’s main building (Phase II) Room E202.
  • Telephone: + 961-1-350000 ext: 6410/1
  • Direct line: +961-1-759668

Dietitian Clinics  

There are multiple locations for the Dietitian Clinic: 
  1. Family Medicine Practice clinics at the Wassef and Souad Sawwaf Building: 3rd floor: for patients referred by Family Medicine. Please call ext. 3000 to schedule an appointment.
  2. Specialty Clinics at Pierre Abou Khater Building: 2nd floor: Please call 1545 or +961-1-355500 for appointments.
  3. Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Unit, within the Specialty Clinics at the hospital: 3rd floor: for patients contemplating or who had undergone bariatric surgery. Please call +961-1-350000 ext. 5811.
  4. Pediatric and Adolescent Weight Management Program: in the Pediatrics Specialty Clinics at Pierre Abou Khater Building on its ground floor. Please call +961-1-350000 ext. 7950
  5. Inherited Metabolic Diseases Program at Sawwaf Building: 3rd floor: Please call +961-1-350000 ext. 7523.
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