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Director's Message

We, at the Human Resources Department, believe that exceptional employees-organization alignment is pivotal to personal and organizational success. We relentlessly work on improving this alignment through balanced strategies that contribute in the actualization of motivated teams while encouraging outstanding performance, recruiting new talents, and developing work competencies.

We are continuously committed to our parallel initiatives that boost excellence in the workplace and promote career development, engagement, total rewards, and onboarding amongst others.

Our doors are always open for your comments, suggestions, and feedback. You as employees are welcome anytime in case you would like to voice a concern.  

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to maintain and improve the Medical Center’s human capital by planning and carrying out short and long-term related activities in a fair, consistent, and objective manner to sustain a healthy corporate culture that provides excellent patient care.

We maintain a motivating culture where individual careers and organizational goals are met simultaneously. 

Meet the Team

Ms Roudaina Haddad Hachem Roudaina Haddad Hachem
HR Director
Ext: 6112
Personnel Section​
Ms Suhair Ismail Jalloul
Suhair Ismail Jalloul
Personnel Officer
Ext: 6​​103
  Raed Halabi
Office Assistant
Rita Boustani
Personnel Assistant
Ext: 8​077​
  Mr Nizar Kataya
​Nizar Kataya
Clerk - Human Resources
Ext: 6106
​​ Rabih Ghazi
Clerk - Human Resources
Ext: 6107​
Ms Samia Haddad
Hassan Hammoud
Recruitment Manager
Ext: 6138

Jana Tarabay​
Recruitment Officer

Sawsan Moussa
Recruitment Officer

Ext: 6107​

Jasmine Jaber
Recruitment Officer​
Ext: 7370
Learning and Development

Lama Itani
Learning and Development Manager

​Anthony Elias
Learning and Development Specialist
Ext: 6108

​​Reine Ramadan
Learning and Development Specialist

Ext: 6137​

HR Information
Mr Hassan Alameh Hassan Alameh
HR Information Manager
Ext: 6105
Employee Performance
Miss Joanne Kadado
Joanne Kadado
Employee Performance Manager 
Ext: 6139
​Sarya Makki
HR Generalist I


Administrative Support
Ms Samia Haddad
​Samia Haddad
Administrative Assistant (Human Resources)​
Ext: 6109

Lena Halabi
Office Assistant
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