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Personnel Section

Once employees join AUBMC, and throughout their career life on board, all their personnel-related concerns and their workplace conflicts  whether simple or complicated are resolved by the Personnel section at AUBMC Human Resources Department.

Examples of employee transactions handled by our Personnel section include: new employee appointments, contract extensions, transfers, change in titles, promotions, salary adjustments, service awards, resignations and retirements among others.

Main Functions of Personnel Section

Along with supporting other members of the HR department, the Personnel staff at AUBMC professionally provide assistance to the administrative services by ensuring the accomplishment of assigned responsibilities on a daily basis. 
With every online personnel-related request submitted by AUBMC managers, our staff takes care of validations, approvals, processing and follow ups, and provides proper guidance and coordination with all involved parties until the final implementation of the requested transaction. Annually, the Personnel section handles around 4000 different transactions related to around 2800 employees at AUBMC.

In addition to the above, the Personnel section is responsible for overseeing personnel policies, providing consultations on HR policies and practices and ensuring AUBMC’s compliance with legal requirements as set forth by the Lebanese Ministry of Labor. 

Our staff will be glad to receive you in our office to address any inquiries or concerns that you may have. To  contact our team members, kindly refer to the details listed below.  

Alhan Shamseddine
Personnel and Workforce Planning Manager
Ext.: 6114

Suhair Ismail Jalloul
Personnel Officer
Ext.: 6103

Nabila Al Madhoun
Senior Personnel Assistant
Ext.: 6101

Sarya Makki
HR Generalist I​

Rita Boustani
Personnel Assistant
Ext: 8​077​​

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