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Departing Employees

Clearance Guide 
  • Secure clearance from the specified departments/units as per the online Clearance System​

  • Make sure to fill the online exit interview

  • Pass by the AUBMC HR Dept. to:
    1. Return your ID card.
    2. Sign the end of service release form(s).
    3. Inquire about method of collecting your last payment (after clearance is finalized)

  • For any questions regarding the amount of final payment, contact Comptroller's Office-payroll section.

Settling your End of Service Indemnity
  • Provide AUBMC HR Dept. with a service statement (إفادة خدمة) from NSSF

  • Sign the necessary papers at the AUB HR.

  • Pass by the NSSF to collect your End of Service Indemnity.
If you have any questions/inquiries contact AUBMC HR Dept. Ext: 6110/6111
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