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New Employees Onboarding


It can be overwhelming for any individual to join a new workplace, and the first few weeks are usually the most stressful. Knowing what to expect can ease the new employee into his/ her new role. The below checklist lists the essentials a new hire should be acquainted with upon joining AUBMC.

By then, you should have become totally engaged in your role and an effective member of your team. You are fully familiar of and comfortable with AUBMC’s unspoken rules, culture and ways of doing things. You’ve also developed strong, professional relationships with your colleagues in an atmosphere of cooperation, fun and effective work. 
Celebrate the achievements, contributions and progress which you have made – you’ve indeed come a long way! 


AUBMC is able to attract some of the finest talent available due to its heritage, reputation, benefits, and state of the art facilities. However, attracting the right person for the right job is only a part of the challenge: as a matter of fact, companies lose a considerable portion of their new employees within the first year of employment. Replacing an employee shortly after his/her joining can be very frustrating given the loss of time, energy and financial resources wasted. Therefore, putting in effort to retain new joiners is of crucial importance. 

Onboarding is the process by which new hires get adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly, and learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively. Successful onboarding programs have proven to enhance the retention rates of new joiners and to decrease the time needed for them to become fully functional in their roles. 

Successful programs:
a)  Ensure the person-organization culture fit 
b)  Enhance relationship building and networking
c)  Decrease the initial confusion and anxiety that are caused by change
d)  Provide the new employee with tools,  resources and support needed to complete their tasks

The Direct Supervisor’s Pivotal Role  

As the new joiner’s direct supervisor, you play the central role in the onboarding program. The quality of the relationship with the direct supervisor may drive the new employee to either leave or stay. 
You will find on this page different tools and guiding information to ensure a successful onboarding for your new employees. We highly encourage you to make the most of it in order to ensure playing a positive role for the joining employee, thus helping him/her become engaged and productive faster.


The Buddy Program ensures that the New Employee is accompanied by a peer who acts as a point of reference especially during the first three months. Your role as a Buddy complements that of the direct supervisor since it allows the New Employee to discuss with you issues that he/she might be reluctant or intimidated to discuss with the direct supervisor.  

The main benefits of the Buddy Program to the New Employee can be summed as per the below:
  • Full Social Integration:
    Spending time closely with a peer within the same department makes it easier for the New Employee to meet and bond with other colleagues 
  • Smooth Administrative and Logistical Arrangements:
    Being accompanied by the Buddy can speed up the process and decrease the hassle especially for administrative arrangements    
  • Decreased Anxiety and Confusion:
    Having a point of reference apart from the direct supervisor can be relieving, especially that the buddy will be available and willing to share information and experiences
  • Informal Introduction to AUBMC Culture:
    The Buddy can help introduce AUBMC’s unspoken culture norms to the New Employee to set his expectations straight and to avoid misunderstandings. 
The Buddy program is a vital component of on-boarding since it touches mostly on the social and cultural integration of new employees. Your impactful contribution as Buddy will significantly help out the new joiner in his/her journey – not to mention the personal growth that you will experience by honing your leadership and communication skills.

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t be anxious about answering all the questions on the spot; sometimes you may refer the new employee to a more knowledgeable person. What matters more is your own experience at AUBMC.
  • Listening carefully to the new employee’s concerns is often more important than advising him/her or giving directions. Make sure you encourage the new employee to express concerns.
  • Since each person has their own preferences about how they are comfortable communicating, make sure that you and the new employee are on the same page. 
  • Have a positive attitude and don’t rush things. Adaption and integration often take time; be patient with the new employee.
  • Avoid making rash judgments, assumptions or categorizations.


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