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  • AUBMC takes skull base tumor surgeries to a more advanced level (Arabic)  - (English)
  • AUBMC Hosts the 50th Edition of the Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA) (Arabic)  - (English)
  • AUBMC offers a new novel procedure to relieve cardiac arrhythmia symptoms (Arabic)  - (English)
  • المنتدى العربي الدولي للمرأة والجامعة الأميركية في بيروت وكلّية الطب في جامعة ماساتشوستس ينظّم مؤتمراً حول "النساء القادة والصحّة" في بيروت (Arabic)
  • AUBMC organizes the 7th Friends of MS Annual Fundraising Brunch (Arabic)  - (English)
  • AUBMC Inaugurates the Moufid Farra Heart and Vascular Outpatient Center (Arabic)  - (English)
  • AUBMC launches AUBHealth, a new comprehensive health record system, on November 3 (Arabic)  - (English)
  • AUBMC awarded with the Newborn Individualized Developmental Care Program certification (Arabic)  - (English)
  • AUBMC introduces the eagerly anticipated electronic health record system in Lebanon (Arabic)  - (English)
  • A PhD student at AUB makes a breakthrough in detecting and treating lung cancer (Arabic)  - (English)
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