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AUB Employee Discount Program5/1/2019
AUBMC Nursing Open House 20194/1/2019
Mothers Day Video3/21/2019
Learning Campain at AUBMC3/15/2019
Chair Massage Sessions by AUB Wellness11/13/2018
Upcoming learning evolution at AUBMC10/11/2018
AUBMC Awards 2018 Welcoming Video5/9/2018
Nursing Open House 20184/4/2018
HR Newsletter Issue 202/26/2018
AUBHealth: A Year to Go11/7/2017
Good luck to our retirees!9/29/2017
Announcing "AUBMC Togehter We Care Better" Campaign9/5/2017
Winners of AUBMC Awards 20175/19/2017
500+ Nurses at the AUBMC Nursing Open House 20175/17/2017
AUBMC 2017 Awards is Near4/27/2017
AUBMC Starts Participating in Job Fairs (April - May 2017)4/25/2017
Mother's Day Celebrations at AUBMC organized by AUBMC Human Resources Dept. on Mar 21 20173/22/2017
Project Management workshop for AUBHealth team 2/27/2017
AUBMC Human Resources Christmas Activities12/22/2016
Developement Stage of Performance Cycle is now active9/4/2016
AUBMC Announces Epic Electronic Health Record SystemAUBMC Announces Epic Electronic Health Record System8/3/2016
President's Service Excellence Awards 2016. Four AUB and AUBMC employees were honored with this year’s President’s Service Excellence Awards for excellence in the quality of their service.7/17/2016
Distribution of Maamoul to all AUBMC employees during Eid Al. On the occasion of Eid At Fits, AUBMC Human Resources Department distributed Maamoul to all AUBMC employees and wished everyone a happy eid5/17/2016
AUBMC Performance Appraisal Phase is Almost Complete11/1/2015