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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)

Center for Infectious Diseases Research


Infectious diseases remain among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the Middle East, with diseases such as pneumonia, gastroenteritis, malaria, and tuberculosis presenting a major burden in our region. The Center for Infectious Diseases Research (CIDR) at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) prom otes research in basic, translational, and clinical aspects of infectious diseases. The aim of the CIDR laboratory is to function as a national and regional reference laboratory with emphasis on the diagnosis of endemic and epidemic infectious diseases relevant to our region.


  • Conduct and support research into the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases particularly those relevant to the Middle East
  • Enhance the health of the population by promoting excellence in diagnosis, management and prevention of infectious diseases through clinical care, education, research and advocacy.

  • Become a center of excellence in infectious disease related domains to improve clinical care, with the provision of evidence-based, cost-efficient, and comprehensive workup in order to achieve the best clinical outcomes.

Existing infrastructure
  • The AUB-FM (Faculty of Medicine) has one of the best clinical services in infectious diseases, adult and pediatric, in the region, with referrals from all parts of Lebanon and neighboring countries.
  • Most attending faculty of both divisions of infectious diseases, adult and pediatric, are certified by the respective specialty American Boards and have a variety of interests in clinical and basic research.

  • AUBMC has an excellent Clinical Microbiology Laboratory and a Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory with several infectious disease applications; as well as a renowned basic science department of Experimental Pathology, Immunology, and Microbiology.

  • Over the past decade, a large number of single, multicenter, and international clinical trials have been conducted at AUBMC and resulted in numerous publications on antimicrobials, vaccines, and other research topics in infectious diseases.
Center Equipment

The CIDR laboratory has been recently renovated as part of the DTS basic sciences building renovation and is furnished with the following equipment: IDR CHEF-MAPPER for Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis along with a Gel-doc apparatus, a dual head thermal cycler, a real time PCR machine, a Luminex apparatus, egg incubators, a dedicated BSL-2 hood, and other support equipment. The recently completed P3 facility is located next door.

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Current Studies
  • Surveillance of Respiratory Virus Infections among Pediatric Cancer Patients at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon
  • Prevalence and Risk Factors for Prolonged Postoperative Fever in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease Undergoing Cardiovascular Surgery with Pulmonary Conduit Insertion

  • Viral Infections in Patients at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

  • Estimation of the disease burden and prevalent genotypes of rotavirus (RV) causing gastroenteritis (GE) in children < 5 years of age in Lebanon based on a sentinel hospital-based surveillance program

  • Prevalence and molecular characterization of Astrovirus causing gastroenteritis in children <5 years of age in Lebanon: a hospital-based surveillance program ( N.B. modified to include screening for Norovirus and Sapovirus)

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection In Lebanon tertiary medical center :a 10 years’ experience

  • Epidemiologic Surveillance of Influenza Infections in Lebanon

  • Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics of Laboratory-confirmed Influenza infection in Lebanon from 2008 till 2016: A single tertiary center experience 

  • A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2-part study of orally administered AK0529 to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and antiviral effect of single and multiple dosing in hospitalized infants with respiratory syncytial virus infection

  • A phase IIIb, open, multi-country, controlled, randomized study to demonstrate the immunogenicity and safety of GSK Biologicals' meningococcal conjugate vaccine, MenACWY-TT (GSK 134612) in healthy infants, given on a 3+1 primary and booster (2, 4, 6 and 15-18 months of age), a 1+1 primary and booster (6 and 15-18 months of age) or as a single dose at 15-18 months of age

  • Resistant gram-negative bacterial infections in children and adolescents: incidence, epidemiology and associated risk factors

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Infection SARI surveillance

To view a list of CIDR publications, click here.



Faculty Members:

   Faculty of Medicine

Na me





Ghassan Dbaibo M.D.

Professor, Director of CIDR

Pediatric ID



Ghassan Matar PhD

Professor, Laboratory Director of CIDR

Medical and Molecular Microbiology


5128- 5134

George Araj PhD

Professor, Director of clinical Microbiology

Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology



Soha Kanj Sharara M.D.


Internal Medecine, Adult ID



Rami Mahfouz M.D., PhD

Associate Professor

Clinical Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics



Zeina Kanafani  M.D.

Associate Professor

Internal Medecine, Adult ID



Rima Hanna Wakim M.D.

Assistant Professor

Pediatric ID



Ramia Zakhour M.D.    Clinical Instructor Pediatric ID     rz17@aub.edu.lb       6486

Hasan Zaraket PhD

Assistant Professor

Virology, Community Disease Control



Ghassan Awar M.D.

Assistant Professor

Internal Medecine, Adult ID



Nesrine Rizk M.D.

Instructor Of Clinical Specialty

Internal Medecine, Adult ID



Michel Masaad PH.D.   Assistant Professor  Experimental Pathology, Immunology and  Microbiology

  Faculty of Health Sciences






Salim Adib DrPH

M.D, Dr. PH, Senior Lecturer

Epidemiology & Public Health



Sami Ramia PhD, FRCPath Professor Medical&Public Health Microbiology 4689

Mey Jurdi PhD

Professor , Dpt of Enviromental Health

Basic Medical Science



Nada Melhem PhD

Assistant Professor

Microbiology & Immunology,ID



Name Title Email Telephone
Aia Assaf Casals M.D. Pediatric ID/ Postdoctoral research fellow aassafcasals@gmail.com 5773
Rouba Shaker M.D. Pediatric ID fellow rc30@aub.edu.lb 5732
Yolla Youssef M.D. Pediatric ID fellow yy06@aub.edu.lb 5732
Danielle Fayad M.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow dnf02@mail.aub.edu 5732
Imad Isaac M.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow imaddd274@gmail.com 5732
Mirelle Lteif BSN Research Coordinator ml12@aub.edu.lb 5752
Lina Reslan PH.D. Postdoctoral Research Associate lr13@aub.edu.lb 4890
Amjad Haidar BSc Lab Manager  ah107@aub.edu.lb 4890
Sarah Khafaja M.D. Postdoctoral Research Fellow sk150@aub.edu.lb 5752


The Center for Infectious Diseases Research is located in the heart of the city of Beirut in one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the Middle East at American University of Beirut.

  • Center for Infectious Diseases Research office: AUBMC, Department of Peditarics and Adolescent Medicine, Phase 1, 6th floor, room W616

  • Center for Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory: Main lab for diagnostic and research testing, AUB DTS building (medical gate), basement, room 132

Contact us:
Telephone: 00961-1-350 000 ext 5752 for office, ext 4880 for lab
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm

Contact us:


00961-1-350 000 ext 5752

Office: ext 4880

Lab: Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm​​​

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