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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)
AUBMC Special Kids Clinic (ASKC)

ASKC Mission
  • To provide special kids and their families with compassionate, multidisciplinary and comprehensive state-of-the-art care promising to optimize their intellectual and physical development in order to prepare them for full integration into school and society at large. 
  • To educate pediatricians, nurses and other allied health professionals and the general public about the needs of special kids and optimal ways to meet their physical, emotional and educational requirements. 
  • To conduct research into the underlying epidemiology, genetics and cell biology of neurogenetic, neurodevelopmental and pediatric neurodegenerative diseases.
ASKC Goals
  • Staff and equip a multidisciplinary, special needs kids and adolescent clinic that caters to their unique requirements in ONE convenient clinic visit to a single locale.  
  • Design the visit for their convenience by having different health specialists come together in a coordinated configuration. 
  • Make the AUBMC Special Kids Clinic accessible to kids and adolescents from all socioeconomic classes.
  • Ensure that clinic visits end in a group meeting that lays out a comprehensive early intervention plan (EIP) for the child, until his/her next visit. 
  • Provide follow-up at regular intervals with reassessment of medical, physical, psychosocial and educational needs and adjustment of patient EIPs accordingly. 

ASKC Objectives
  • Ensure early detection and treatment of complex neurological or communication disorders in children in a timely and coordinated manner.  
  • Integrate novel testing batteries, technologies and applied therapeutics in the field of care for special needs children to improve final outcomes.
  • Lead and attract other institutions in Lebanon and the region to participate in state-of-the-art research projects aimed at winning the fight against dual disabilities.

ASKC Services

Our clinical caters to the needs of our little patients. We are adjacent to general pediatric services and the clinical laboratory. Our waiting area opens onto a specially designed outside play area for children.  Our facility is easily accessible to all patients.  Our therapy rooms and clinics are especially outfitted with automated examination tables, children’s furniture, educational toy, specialized equipment, toys and batteries used in the assessment and treatment of special needs kids. 

AUBMC Special Kids Clinic offers:
  • Devoted and highly specialized allied health professionals who will assist pediatric neurologists in the diagnosis, management and care of dually disabled children.
  • Dedicated pediatric physical therapists, occupational and psychomotor therapists, and speech and feeding specialists who will provide much needed regular therapy sessions in a multidisciplinary team approach, ensuring the informed, comprehensive and coordinated care of special needs children.
  • A  Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will assess the child and offer the following services: conduct functional assessments and behavior intervention plan; supervise and manage each program; assign a senior behavior therapist to train families, shadow teachers and therapists in the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)principles; assign an ABA therapist to the child (ABA therapy is conducted in the child’s home or school); and collaborate with all other members of the child’s educational environment and offer school inclusion support. 
  • Initial comprehensive assessments with follow-up for patients living in the vicinity, take-home plans for those living far away, and liaison with specialized individuals through an extensive database of similar services available in remote regions of Lebanon and other countries in the region such as Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain and Qatar.
  • Regular reevaluations for readjustment of early intervention plans based on individual progress achieved.
  • Ultimate integration and mainstreaming into schools with dedicated and specialized services. 

​Name ​Title Board Certification Specialty ​Email ​Telephone
Rose-Mary Boustany, MD Professor, Head of Pediatric Neurology ​American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology American Board of Human Genetics ​Pediatric Neurology, Genetic rb50@aub.edu.lb ​7580
Rolla Shbarou, MD​ ​Assistant Professor, Pediatric Neurology ​American Board of Pediatrics and Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology ​Pediatric Neurology, Epilepsy rs07@aub.edu.lb ​7580
Makram Obeid, MD​ ​Assistant Professor, Pediatric Neurology ​American Board of Pediatrics and Neurology ​Pediatric Neurology, Epilepsy ​mo21@aub.edu.lb ​7580


​Name ​Title ​Email ​Telephone
Hala Maacaron, MBA ​Executive Assistant hm43@aub.edu.lb 5640/1
Laudy Masaad BSN ​Registered Nurse lm12@aub.edu.lb 7455
Frida Araman Clinical Assistant fa24@aub.edu.lb 7580
Salam Zbib Hammoud​ ​Clinical Assistant sz26@aub.edu.lb ​7580


​Name ​Title ​Email ​Telephone
​Mona Krayem, BS ​Speech Therapist mk180@aub.edu.lb 7580
​Ramia Nasrallah, MS ​Feeding Specialist rn73@aub.edu.lb 7580
Layla Ghossoub, MS ​Speech Therapist lg15@aub.edu.lb 7580
​Norma Bou Khalil, BS ​Physical Therapist nb19@aub.edu.lb 7580
Racha Kahil, BS ​Physical Therapist rachakahil@gmail.com 7580
Elias Salame, BS ​Occupational Therapist es44@aub.edu.lb 7580
Razane Saleh, BS ​Occupational Therapist rs164@aub.edu.lb 7580
​Sahar Saliba, MS ​Psychomotor Therapist ss177@aub.edu.lb 7580
​Clarisse Kallassy, MS Psychomotor Therapist
Maritherese Saade, MA, BCBA ​ABA Specialist/Program Coordinator ms236@aub.edu.lb
Jeannette Bejj​ani, MA ​Senior ABA Therapist jb63@aub.edu.lb 7580
​Sarah Saad, MA ​Senior ABA Therapist ss212@aub.edu.lb 7580
​Jean-Louis Ghazi, MA ​Senior ABA Therapist ghazi.jeanlouis@gmail.com 7580

Residents & Fellows

​Name ​Email ​Beeper
​Dr. Ahmad Hammoud, PGY 6 ​ah180@aub.edu.lb ​0283
​Dr. Chady Alam, PGY 5 ca66@aub.edu.lb ​0313
​Dr. Mona Hneini mona_huneineh@hotmail.com


American University of Beirut
AUBMC Special Kids Clinic
Pierre Abou Khater Building, 1st floor 
PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, 1107 2020
Beirut, Lebanon

Contact Us

Direct Line:    +961 1 759 611
Appointment:  +961 1 350 000  Ext 7580
Nurse:               +961 1 350 000  Ext 7455
Fax:                    +961 1 750 699​
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