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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)
Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Cardiac rehabilitation is a program designed to help people recover from heart related medical and surgical conditions in order to improve their overall health by identifying and reducing risk factors that lead to cardiovascular disease.
The program promotes optimal life-style changes and medical management through educational and counseling services in order to: 1) prevent the progression and recurrence of cardiovascular disease; 2)  reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke; 3) minimize the need for future surgery;  4) and enhance quality of life.

  1. ​About Us 

    Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Lebanon and the region for both men and women; hence the need for cardiac rehabilitation program. The conception of such a program is not new. Indeed, it is a standard of care and practice in specialized cardiac centers around the world, and is endorsed by multiple international cardiac associations. Unfortunately, this program has not been available in Lebanon or the Middle Eastern Region until now. Therefore, we opted to start at AUBMC a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program to serve our patients and community, in concordance with the international standards.  

    • To provide excellent patient preventive cardiac care and advanced physical therapy to in- and out-patients with an attitude that secures comfort, compassion, privacy, and  dignity of every patient and family member
    • To promote optimal life-style changes and medical management and  prevent the occurrence and/or progression of cardiovascular disease
    • To reduce the risk of future heart attack or stroke, minimize the need for future surgery, and  improve the quality of life by curtailing  symptoms
    • To be consistently recognized for our cardiac rehabilitation quality patient assessments and treatments while involving the patient and family in setting  treatment plans and goals 
    • To provide our patients with the appropriate patient education along with a suitable discharge plan.


    The cardiac rehabilitation center aims at becoming a  leading center for primary and secondary prevention in cardiology in Lebanon and the region. 

  2. Services and Procedures​

    After a heart related medical or surgical event, many patients feel reluctant to resume normal exercise.  Patients usually fear the complications, become depressed, or feel too tired and physically deconditioned especially if their hospital stay was prolonged. Cardiac rehabilitation is a professionally supervised program which changes patients quality of life, improves their endurance and fitness, modifies their risk factors, and re-integrates them into a healthy lifestyle. 

    How will cardiac rehab help?

    As a participant in the cardiac rehab program, you will work with a physical therapist and a registered nurse who will help you meet your personal goals.
    The goals of cardiac rehab are to:
    • increase your understanding about your health condition and treatment 
    • help you make the right lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke and reduce the need for future cardiac surgery or treatment 
    • improve your ability to perform your job and your daily or leisure activities 
    • provide you and your family members with the guidance, support, and enthusiasm needed to identify the elements of a quality lifestyle , make significant and necessary lifestyle changes, and ensure a healthier life 
    Who can benefit from cardiac rehab?

    Cardiac rehab programs benefit patients who have any heart related condition that has been stabilized medically for instance:
    • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery 
    • Valve repair or replacement 
    • Interventional procedures such as balloon angioplasty and coronary stents 
    • Stable angina and chest pain
    • History of a heart attack  
    • Heart failure 
    • Heart transplant  or left ventricular assist device
    • Peripheral artery disease 
    • Aortic aneurysm repair or replacement 

    How do I join the Cardiac Rehab Program?

    Primary Prevention: If you are at risk of developing a heart disease (ie: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, etc.) although you currently do NOT have any problem, your physician can refer you to program (6 or 12 sessions of educational and exercise training) to reduce your future risk.
    Secondary Prevention: If you have heart disease problems, the program will provide you with four phases which will help you get back in shape.
    • ​​​Phase I Cardiac Rehab (inpatient care): During your hospital stay, a physical therapist specialized in cardiac rehab will guide you towards your daily  activities, and help you transition home. You will be instructed about the recovery process and informed about possible ways to decrease your future risk of cardiovascular disease. 

    • Phase II-III Cardiac Rehab (20 sessions each): Soon after your hospital discharge, your doctor will provide you with a referral so you can join the outpatient Phase II and III Cardiac Rehab Program. 

    • ​Phase IV Cardiac Rehab (12 sessions): This is an optional maintenance phase with gradual release from supervision

    What does the program include?
    The program includes a team of specialists (cardiologist, nurse, physical therapist and dietician) that will optimize your health and fitness level through exercise and lifestyle changes.  The program will be adapted to your personal needs, capabilities, and interests. 
    Patient and family education classes are provided every week coupled with individual education to assist you achieving your personal goals. Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian is also available. 
    Your progress will be tracked right through your participation in the program, and information will be continuously reported to you and your referring doctor.  

    Why attend the Cardiac Rehab Program?
    Data available from international specialized centers report that participants joining such comprehensive program have 30-50% reduction in recurrent heart events, hospitalization and death. 
    You will receive a full medical evaluation and an exercise test for safety and effectiveness.  The program is intended to meet your specific goals and decrease  your risk factors for heart disease. 
    Staff members are specialized in cardiac rehab and are certified in advanced cardiac life support. 
    An on-staff registered dietitian is available for consultations. 
    In joining these various areas together under one program, patients benefit from comprehensive multi-disciplinary expertise and application of the best current and research-based preventive therapies. 

    Where is the patient educational program provided?
    Cardiac rehab classes are offered at the physical therapy department at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). All sessions are medically supervised and directed by specialized physical therapists and nurses. State-of-the-art monitoring equipment and a variety of exercise equipment are available for your safety and convenience.

    Does insurance cover cardiac rehab?
    Few insurance companies cover the expenses of outpatient cardiac rehab. The cardiac rehab team will help you contact your insurance company. For people joining the program on their own expenses, a competitive price is offered with optional settlement. 

  3. Faculty & Staff

    Medical Director:  ​Samir Arnaout, MD
    Physical Therapy Director:  Claude Maroun, PT, MPH
    Rehabilitation staff:
      - Michel Al Rayess, PT, MPT
      - Mohamad Barraj, Nurse​

  4. Contact Us

    The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is located in the 3rd floor, room C-321 at AUBMC. Mailing address: American University of Beirut Medical Center. Physical Therapy Department. P.O.Box:11-0236.
    To schedule an appointment, please call 00961 1 350000/ ext.: 6645, 6646.
    You can also send us a fax 00961 1 350000 ext.: 6644 or an email to ptherapy@aub.edu.lb

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