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Eating Disroder Program

Eating Disroder Program

Treatment and Outreach Program for Eating Disorders (TOP-ED)
In collaboration with the Department of Clinical Nutrition, and the Department of Family
Medicine at AUBMC, the Department of Psychiatry has taken the initiative to establish a
program dedicated to providing specialized care to patients suffering from an eating

More than half of the patients who present with Eating Disorders do not necessarily meet full criteria for Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa; however, this does not mean that their condition is any less serious or does not merit clinical attention.

Among the symptoms and behaviors displayed by patients struggling with eating disorders are:

Preoccupation with body shape and/or weight;
Prolonged dieting;
Rigid and overly selective eating patterns;
Self-induced vomiting;
Other behaviors aimed at weight loss such as misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or diet pills;
Feelings of guilt and/or shame connected to eating.

The TOP-ED program provides services which span across clinical, educational,
research, and social/advocacy avenues. The clinical services offered include the following:

Assessment and intake
Individual psychotherapy
Group psycho-education and psychotherapy
Family therapy, support and psycho-education
Basic nutritional education
Referral to specialized nutritional care
Referral to specialized medical care
Referral to psychiatric care
Referral to the AUBMC psychiatric inpatient unit
Management of the psychological care of patients with Eating Disorder during their inpatient stay

Meet Our Team

     Ghina Ismail, PsyD
       Program Director
Department of Psychiatry

Rassil Ghazzaoui, MA
Program Coordinator
Department of Psychiatry

May Sakr Maalouf,  MS
Department of Clinical Nutrition
Jihane Na’ous, M.D.
Family Physician   
Department of Family Medicine

To learn more about the other services offered by the TOP-ED program as well as our overall philosophy and mission,
please check our English or Arabic brochures

You may also call us at 759620 and ask to speak directly with the program director,
Dr. Ghina Ismail or the program coordinator Ms. Rassil Ghazzaoui.

To schedule an appointment to be seen by an Eating Disorders specialist, please call us at 01-759620 indicating that you would like to be assessed by an Eating Disorders specialist.
You will then be given a clinical interview appointment with a Clinical Psychologist which will last 45-50 minutes. Based on the results of this initial evaluation, you may be referred to the family medicine specialist in Eating Disorders for medical clearance. You may also be asked to complete an assessment battery which will help us better evaluate your condition and overall treatment needs.