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Medical Education

​Courses offered (graduate, undergraduate)

Human Development and Psychopathology 
Dr. Fadi Maalouf 
MED II coordinator

The course covers the psychological aspects of development and normal behaviors in addition to  t the classification and pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders.

PSYT 227      32.36; 3 cr.

Clinical Clerkship in Psychiatry
Dr. Farid Talih
MED III coordinator

A clinical clerkship in which third year medical students spend one month working up psychiatric patients and attending morning rounds on an inpatient psychiatric service where they are supervised by an attending psychiatrist. Students also attend psychiatry clinics in the outpatient department where they see new and old cases. The rotation also includes seminars dealing with psychopathology, case presentations and discussions, interview techniques and basic psychotherapy, as well as psychopharmacology.
One month.
PSYT 252    0.180 cr.

For more information please contact Mrs. Nibal Safah ext 5664