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Mission and Vision

The department of psychiatry at AUBMC strives to improve the lives of people and families in our communities and the region affected by psychiatric illness.

The vision of the department of psychiatry at AUBMC is to become the leading center for psychiatry in the Middle East with special focus on excellent specialized clinical care, research, training and patient advocacy.

We adhere to AUBMC 6 core values and strive to engage our patients and their families, trainees and colleagues with respect, integrity, accountability, collaborative spirit and competency.

  1. ​Provide the highest quality specialized patient care to children, adolescents and adults in the region

  2. Conduct pioneering research and adapt evidence-based interventions to populations in the region

  3. Provide training and education in mental health

  4. Advocate for parity of treatment across other medical conditions

  5. Collaborate with other AUBMC departments and stakeholders in Lebanon and the region