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Inpatient Psychiatry Unit

The Psychiatry In-patient Unit is a part of the Abu-Haidar Neuroscience Institute and is located on the third floor of Building 56 of the American University of Beirut – Medical Center. The Psychiatry Inpatient Unit (PIU) is a 10 bed acute psychiatric service providing inpatient adult and adolescent psychiatric services.

All full time psychiatrists have admitting privaleges to the psychiatry inpatient unit. They also have consultation privaleges for patients admitted to the main hospital.

If a sleep study is need to help diagnose or treat a sleep disorder AUBMC has a dedicated sleep testing center that can provide comprehensive sleep testing services.

The AUBMC Psychiatry In-patient Unit (PIU) is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness in Lebanon and the region.

The AUBMC Psychiatry In-patient Unit pursues this mission through:

•    Delivering state of the art clinical care for adults and adolescents in Lebanon and the region through an evidence based practice, in a humane, compassionate, and multidisciplinary approach.
•    Contributing to the AUBMC outstanding academic environment that fosters education, training, research and innovative models of intervention in psychiatric neuroscience and psychosocial interventions.
•    Contributing to the departmental vision seeking to destigmatize mental illness and to provide venues for educating the public about the nature of mental illness.
•    Advancing a model of care that enhances the role of patients and their families as active agents in their plan of care.
•    Training the future generation of leaders in clinical psychology, psychiatry and psychiatric nursing and neuroscience.

Scope of Services
The PIU provides patient care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) in 3 shifts (7am – 3pm; 3pm – 11pm; 11pm – 7am). Patients receive diagnostic, therapeutic and procedural interventions. The unit typically has a nurse to patient ratio of 1:5 and uses a nursing assistant to help with delivery of care.

Effective care is promoted by providing resources, quality control systems, and maintenance of professional, regulatory, and organizational standards as well as collaboration with members of the health care team.

Functions and Services

Multidisciplinary Team

The Inpatient Unit is comprised of a multidisciplinary treatment team, composed of health professionals who work together to ensure that each patient’s treatment plan is comprehensive and accurately reflects the patient's needs. Every patient admitted to the unit is seen by the attending psychiatrist, a resident, a registered nurse, a psychologist and/or social worker depending on the individual needs of each patient.

PIU Team

Dr. Farid Talih was appointed medical director of the PIU in 2012. The medical director works to ensure overall psychiatric care is safely, effectively, and ethically delivered.  He also oversees policies and procedures that govern the functioning of the unit.
The medical director is also in charge of liaising with the administration to make sure all credentialing and compliance is maintained.  Additionally, the medical director ensures communication and cooperation between nurses and physicians is maintained in our collaborative care setting.

Ms. Remonde Samya supervises the nursing staff in all aspects of their care for the patient and problem-solves to make sure that the unit milieu is as efficient, safe, and effective as possible.

Mrs. Abou Nader completes psychosocial evaluations and coordinates with various members of the multidisciplinary team to facilitate optimal discharge planning and aftercare arrangements.

Resident Psychiatrists 
Our residents are completing specialty training in the field of psychiatry. They are often an entry point to patient care as they complete the initial assessment of patients admitted through ER, who represent the majority of patients admitted to the unit.

Psychology Interns
Our psychology interns are M.A. Psychology students completing their second year of internship at the AUBMC psychiatry department; they are key participants in the multidisciplinary meetings. They may initiate intake evaluations or low intensity therapy services as deemed appropriate.

Nursing Team

Our nursing team organizes and implements a program of daily nursing care for each patient; collaborates with doctor's orders and psychology recommendations; dispenses medications; assesses the effectiveness of the care given to the patient and implements behavioral plans recommended by the psychosocial team.

Registered Nurses
Our registered nurses provide direct and indirect age specific care to patients. They are responsible for professional and performance and safe care.

Auxiliary/Practical Nurses
Auxiliary practical nurses assist in the provision of care under the supervision of registered nurses.

Floor Clerks
Our clerks attend to the nursing station and provide clerical and reception support to clinical staff to ensure the efficient management of the unit.