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Research Projects

Principal Investigator: Fadi Maalouf, MD
​Title of Study/Project​ Field​
A school-based emotional resiliency
program for middle school students in Lebanon: 
Evaluation of implementation and effectiveness in reducing the burden of depression and anxiety.​
Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry​
The Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Lebanese Children and Adolescents​ Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry​
Prevalence and Correlates of Psychiatric Disorders in Adolescents in Greater Beirut: An Epidemiological Study​ Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry​
AUBMC Child/Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) Clinic Registry​ Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry​
Neurocognitive Markers of SSRI Treatment Response in Pediatric Depression​ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry​

Principal Investigator: Leyla Akoury Dirani, PhD
Title of Study/Project Field​
Validation of the Arabic version of the parental stressor scale in the neonatal intensive care unit
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry​
Social skills training group for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and adolescents with intellectual disability
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry​
A community-based screening program for mental health issues in early childhood and group support for young parents
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry​
​A child abuse detection program in the emergency departments of Lebanese teaching hospitals Child and Adolescent Psychiatry​

Principal Investigator: Joseph El-Khoury, MD
Title of Study/Project Field
Global Youth Attitude to Cannabis and its Use: A systematic Review
Substance Use
The Adaptability and Feasibility of Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (Cbtp) in a Sample of Lebanese Patients with a Presentation of First and Early Episode of Psychosis: a Pilot Study Psychosis​
Drugs and Alcohol Themes in Recent Feature Films: a Systematic Content Analysis Substance Use
Introducing Specialist Integrated Mental Health Care to Lebanon: The Psychosis Recovery Outreach Program Psychosis​
The dependence potential of Salvia Divinorum: a case series Substance Use​
Weight effects of antidepressants in a clinical sample of the Lebanese population ​Mood Disorders
Digital Detoxification’ from social media: As survey of its prevalence and characteristics amongst students General PSychiatry​

Principal Investigator: Ghina Ismail, PsyD
Title of Study/Project              Field​
Sufism and Psychotherapy
Psychology of Religion and Sprituality
Treatment of Eating Disorders: Predictors of Change in a Lebanese Sample – a Pilot Study
​Eating Disorders
​Inter-generational Trauma in a Sample of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Principal Investigator: Brigitte Khoury, PhD
Title of Study/Project Field           
Experience and attitudes of harassment and discrimination from a subset of students at AUB General Psychology
Field testing of ICD-11 proposals for sexual disorders and sexual health in selected countries in the Arab region Sexuality and Reproductive Health​
Training of health workers in providing psychological services for Syrian refugees in Lebanon General Psychology
Establishment of the Arab regional center for research, training and policy making in mental health General Psychology

Principal Investigator: Farid Talih MD
​Title of Study/Project Field​  
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Cannabis Use Disorder Patients
Substance Use
The Prevalence and Correlates of Insomnia among Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients Sleep Disorders
Examining the differences in the prevalence and correlates of burnout, substance abuse, and attitudes regarding drug use among medical students in the four years of medical school Substance Use
Depression and burnout among nurses in a Lebanese academic medical center Mood Disorders
Cannabis Use and its Relationship to Psychosis Substance Use

Principal Investigator: Pia Zeinoun, PhD
Title of Study/Projects                           Field​
​The role of personality in predicting academic success and behavioral competence among medical doctors Personality Psychology
The Arab Personality Inventory-70: An empirically-derived inventory of personality for the Arab region
Personality Psychology
​Enhancing the Cross-Cultural Comparability of Likert-Scale Measures in Personality and Values ​Cross-Cultural Psychology
and Measurement
​The Verbal Memory Arabic Test (VMAT): Development, norms and validation evidence of the first indigenous cognitive test in Arabic ​Neuropsychology and Measurement
​The Modified Brief International cognitive assessment for Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) ​Neuropsychology and Measurement
​Norms for a Test of Motor Dexterity Among Children and Adolescents in Lebanon Neuropsychology and Measurement