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Residency Program Policies

Policy Index Number Next review date
Confe​ren​​ce Attendance ​OBS-RP-001 08.04.2021
Probation Policy ​OBS-RP-002 ​08.04.2021
Vacation/Leave Policy ​OBS-RP-003 08.04.2021
Job Description of Chief Resident ​OBS-RP-004 ​08.04.2021
Supervision of Residents ​OBS-RP-005 ​08.04.2021
Duty Hours and Fatigue ​OBS-RP-006 08.04.2021
Promotion Criteria ​OBS-RP-007 ​08.04.2021
Clinical Competency Committee ​OBS-RP-008 ​08.04.2021
Program Evaluation Committee ​OBS-RP-009 ​08.04.2021
Moonlighting ​OBS-RP-010 ​08.04.2021
Selection ​OBS-RP-011 ​08.04.2021
Effects of Leaves of Absence on Satisfying Criteria for Residency Program Completion​ ​OBS-​RP-012 08.04.2021