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Psychological Assessment Center (PAC)

The Psychological Assessment Center provides diagnostic evaluations for infants, children, adolescents, adults, and older adults who have a condition that affects their cognition (e.g., attention) and behavior (e.g., personality).

The PAC clinicians are highly specialized neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, and educational psychologists. They evaluate people by obtaining a full understanding of their bio-psycho-social history, conducting formal testing (e.g., “IQ” testing, memory, executive functioning, academic), observing the patient’s behavior over several hours, consulting with their therapists, teachers and physicians, and reviewing medical and educational records. The psychologists provide the person with diagnoses, a profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and evidence-based recommendations.

The evaluation provides a comprehensive understanding of the person’s in areas such as reasoning, language, visuospatial/motor, attention, executive functioning, behavior, psychological/emotional status, and/or academic functioning. Individuals who benefit from these evaluations are those who:

•    have difficulties that first appear in childhood (e.g., learning disabilities, speech delay,  
•    have a medical or neurological issue that impacts how they develop and function (e.g.,
      prematurity, epilepsy)
•    have acquired an injury or illness that affects their functioning (e.g., brain injury,
     Parkinson’s, diabetes)
•    have psychological/psychiatric issues that are impacting their cognition and behavior

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For appointments, please call 961 1 350000 ext. 8094 or email on .
The PAC is located in the Department of Psychiatry, 4th floor at AUBMC, ACC.

For volunteering opportunities, send your resume (as pdf) and letter of intent to

Meet the PAC team

Marc Barakat, PhD
Managing Director
Assistant Professor


Pia Zeinoun, PhD
Clinical Associate       


Cynthia Roukoz,

Rahsa Mashmoushi,
DEd Psy

Educational Psychologist



Rama Kanj, BA, TD
Hussein Ismail, BA
PAC Assistant


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